Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back Home...

So I made it back home October 7th from fall harvest.  I just realized the last time I blogged was the day before I left.  Since I have returned I have finished over 50 Abbie's Creations orders, made it to two Adult Halloween parties (which were awesome by the way), hit a pumpkin patch with the kiddos, and finally ended this weekend with a fun filled Carnival Birthday party for Logan and Brecken's little girlfriends Tatum and  Tailia.  Although I DO NOT do cakes, I do them once in a while for friends.  I was honored to do the girls cupcakes and cake.  I have to say I did do their shirts as well....but notice there is not one picture of that!!  Some how I missed getting a picure of the girls.  Hopfully I will find one on someone elses camera.  Any way, it has been a busy, busy couple of weeks.  I am looking forward to some down time with the boys, Logan's birthday coming up, and may be another cake or two in the near future!!  Happy Sunday everyone!!  Enjoy the day with your family....we're heading to Boo At the Zoo!!

Oh and I have to add....the Carnival party was AMAZING!!!  Tindall you know how to do it girlfriend.

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natasha said...

Absolutely adorable cake, Kels!!!
Seriously?! How many talents do you have??!!