Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Essie!

Here it is, the very beautiful Essie and her birthday shirt. She makes the shirt perfect. Wish we could have celebrated with you. Sounds like you had a very happy day!

On another note, we have been busy spending time as a family and I have been organizing and buying for the upcoming Whimmydiddle in Scott City this September. I have made my list, checked it twice (okay probably ten times), and have organized what things I will get done first. Way ahead of schedule and so happy about it. I know what to expect this year so I am more than ready. Hopefully it all goes as smoothly as planned, and hopefully the day of the Whimmydiddle goes as well and smoothly as last year. If you happen to be out that way we would love to see you! It is always a good time with lots of very creative people, great food, and lots to buy! You won't be disappointed. I have a hard time staying at my booth because I want to go shop!

We will also be featuring some friends and family items this year!! I will keep you posted on what we will have closer to date!

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Arrival

This little guy sure seems to be enjoying his brand new blanket! I love it when new arrivals are wrapped up in special little blankets.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jeans to Capris

Made these jeans into Capri pants for my neighbors little girl. It is so fun to do something like this with an old pair of jeans that are to short. Plus it gives an outfit a little spruce of color!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A little fun...

After several years of business, I finally found a label I can be proud of!! I found someone to custom make these labels for me and I am so glad I did. I get so excited when I add it to my items. There just something about seeing a little girl wearing one of my dresses or shirts with my label on it, or a baby using burps custom designed by me....I LOVE my job...mommy and business owner. Life is good.

Someone special is turning one.....you will have to wait and see her birthday pictures that I hope to post soon.

Here it is....Megan's tote is done and ready to mail...hopefully tomorrow!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Have to BRAG a little...

Well I must say I have one of the most patient, loving husbands around. When we finished our basement I knew I wanted a fun, organized room for the boys to play in, as well as for me to run my business and have a place to help the boys with their learning. When I found what I wanted, I showed it to Derrick. His remark was, "I can build it bigger and better." And so he did.

It is more than I ever could have imagined. This man in my life has a natural talent for taking a picture and making it out of wood into something beyond what you would want. And sometimes, he doesn't even have a picture...it is all in his head. I think this is sometimes how God drew us together. I am one who sews without patterns and have most of what I do in my head. I can see a picture and recreate it...with as much perfection as possible. And Derrick is the same. We relate a lot this way and have so much in common.

I am so proud of what he has created for me and the boys to have in our room that we spend so much time in. There are a few unfinished things on my part, but that takes time. I must find the perfect rug, perfect paintings (which I have a feeling won't be perfect unless I have the boys paint them), and add a learning table for the boys as well.

You wonder how I work in this room...well I have a roll top desk in the corner with my computer screen and keyboard (the rest is in the closet), and then I have a large walk in closet that I have all my business stuff in. I LOVE IT! The day we move is going to be hard. This room has a lot of memories in it of work and play. I am not sure how I will design our next house. I love how this works right now, but have other dreams for an office and playroom for my boys as well. Only time will tell.

Have a good week friends. I am off to make magic!

A great trampoline for winter fun....it always tires them out! And our daily calendar...working hard on learning the days of the week and months!

Above the TV is where the paintings will go!

The chalkboard that entertains daily. I love having this wall as a magnet and chalkboard. It is easy to clean and the boys can do it without me worrying about anything. It comes off walls great too :)!! It is also a great place for a little boy to learn to write his name!

The boys bulletin boards. They put things up here that are special to them, pictures of friends, and things we have done as a family that make us smile!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Congratulations Megan!

From http://www.random.org/ I used:

Min: 1
Max: 9
Result: 1

I just listed you in order from 1-9 to match your comment. And to not confuse anyone I entered Megan's second entry into my comment since she didn't leave another comment like Greta saying she linked me but did it in her first comment, which was fine. She, as well as Greta linked me to their business sites. Thanks girls. I hope no one else did and forgot to mention it to me!!Megan was the 1st one to leave a comment and it generated her number. So shoot me an email Megan and let me know what font, color, and initial you would like on your new tote!! Congratulations! I will do this again soon with somethine different. May be a back to school give away. Keep checking back and thank you to each of you for being a fan and follower! And let me know what kind of give aways you would like to see!! I'm always open for suggestions.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sisterly/Brotherly Love

Made these for a friend/family member who gave them to a friend. I love how they turned out. Little Brother is going to have some loving sisters to grow up with who will watch out for his every move. And probably get a little make up, as well as finger nails painted along the way. I know my brother did!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Give Away

Okay...so I meant to do this for the 4th but did not get around to it! So hear it is. Below you will see what you will win, plus you will get FREE embroidering of an initial on the tote as well! You must do the following...
1. Leave a comment on what you did exciting for the 4th or what you think of my new drop down menu on Abbie's Creations
2. If you are not already, become a fan of my facebook page and a follower of this blog!!
3. Do something nice for a friend, neighbor, your spouse, your child, ect....post what you did with your comment....but only if you want to!

This ends on Friday, July 9th!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

Had a great time at our annual Crackers at the Crocker's with the Walkers! Here are the Crocker kiddos all decked out in their 4th attire. Taira designed these cute shirts for me to make up for the special occasion. These three are magazine material. So, so cute! And look how those big sisters are loving their little brother!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Updated Burp Material

I have reorganized all the burp material....take a look Custom Designer Burps!