Saturday, July 10, 2010

Congratulations Megan!

From I used:

Min: 1
Max: 9
Result: 1

I just listed you in order from 1-9 to match your comment. And to not confuse anyone I entered Megan's second entry into my comment since she didn't leave another comment like Greta saying she linked me but did it in her first comment, which was fine. She, as well as Greta linked me to their business sites. Thanks girls. I hope no one else did and forgot to mention it to me!!Megan was the 1st one to leave a comment and it generated her number. So shoot me an email Megan and let me know what font, color, and initial you would like on your new tote!! Congratulations! I will do this again soon with somethine different. May be a back to school give away. Keep checking back and thank you to each of you for being a fan and follower! And let me know what kind of give aways you would like to see!! I'm always open for suggestions.

1 comment:

Megan H. said...

Oh my gosh!! This is SO exciting!! I love that tote!! This is the second giveaway this week that I have won! WOW! It must be blessed this week! Thanks Kelsie!!