Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Give Away

Okay...so I meant to do this for the 4th but did not get around to it! So hear it is. Below you will see what you will win, plus you will get FREE embroidering of an initial on the tote as well! You must do the following...
1. Leave a comment on what you did exciting for the 4th or what you think of my new drop down menu on Abbie's Creations
2. If you are not already, become a fan of my facebook page and a follower of this blog!!
3. Do something nice for a friend, neighbor, your spouse, your child, ect....post what you did with your comment....but only if you want to!

This ends on Friday, July 9th!


Megan H. said...

I think that your drop down menu is awesome! Makes finding stuff a breeze!

I went to a fun party on the 3rd for the 4th, but nothing else to terribly exciting due to the rain :(

I am a follower of your blog and FB page.

I made Nick supper tonight and delivered to him at the new house. It was nice of me considering the day I was having :)

Plus, I linked you on tomorrow's blog!

Is that everything?? I love that tote!!

Carisa said...

Jeff and I had a little getaway for the fourth! We also spent some time with friends at a BBQ.

I'm a follower already! Does that count :)

And something nice....I helped someone out of a babysitting bind yesterday and took dessert to friends.

Hope I win!!!

Allison said...

Since it rained, we made a last minute trip to KS to visit family! It was a wonderful 4th even though it rained the WHOLE time.

Jennifer said...

We spent a rainy weekend with some wonderful friends at Eureka Lake. Despite the rain, it was still a wonderful 4th! The drop down menu makes it easy to find a particular item you are looking for. I'm a FB fan!

Derrick, Kelsie, Logan, & Brecken Funk said...

Just a reminder....to enter you have to become a follower of this blog and a fan on Facebook!!

Sara W said...

We visited family over the weekend to celebrate.
My nice thing is that I am going to give this tote away to a friend I know will love it!

Greta said...

I really like the drop-down menu, too!

For the 4th, we went to a family-friendly party on the 3rd, and Tyson and I took the girls to see fireworks Sunday night.

Something nice: I took all three kids out of town this week so we could spend some time with my grandma going to an opera that she loves to go see.

I'm a follower and a facebook fan!

mariah stauffer said...

Well I didn't do anything exciting for the 4th! We had plans to be in NE celebrating with family and watching fireworks but instead I got to have surgery on my thumb! So we were delayed going back to NE.

I am currently helping my mother in law renovate her much needed living room and dining room cast n all! LOL

And I am a follower I just have to find a great pic to use!

Absolutely lovw the tote

Greta said...

I linked you on my blog!