Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm Back...

Well after a wonderful trip to the Watts' cabin in Colorado we are back and up and running! I have already had a busy week of laundry, cleaning and of course embroidering!! I have completed an entire box for Hey Baby, along with several special orders! We are headed to the pool this afternoon as my list is resuming to what I call normal! Hope everyone is having a great start to the school year. Lo starts this Monday! He is very excited to meet his classmates....and I am sad to see him gone three mornings. But this will give Brecken and myself much needed time together and I highly look forward to that!

We have also added some little boy boxers in white.....shoot me an email if you are interested! Monogramming/embroidering can be done on them!

More wet/dry bags...great for swimsuits or cloth diapers! Lined with vinyl.

My baby will soon be turning 5! We have been reading this book, It's hard to be 5! He picked this shirt out of the book for me to make! Soon I will be making his Kindergarten Rocks shirt. Hard to think about because it makes me sad that he is growing so fast. There will be many.......
ups and downs,
laughs and tears,
friends and girlfriends,
love and dislikes,
play dates and timeouts,
but most of all...MEMORIES!
I hope to continue to capture each and every part of his life!
Love you sweet Logan!

A little reverse applique. A great friend of mine came up with this idea! I can't wait to show her the shirts.

A soon to be baby girl will be wearing this little outfit. Had a customer request an outfit for her little girl coming soon. She brought their little boy home all decked out in KSU so she wanted nothing less for her little girl. I can't wait to see her all dressed up!

Toddler aprons....yes Brecken is modeling for me in the picture below. What else am I suppose to do with only boys, but ask them to help out once in a while!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My week at the shop...

Well here is a taste of what is going to the Whimmydiddle. I thought I wouldn't finish what I had planned but I am a day a head of schedule....something I am very proud of. We had a little fun in between work, but it has been a long one. I look forward to hanging out with a dear friend tomorrow afternoon while I bake for another dear friends party on Saturday!

What a joy this week has been, with many blessing and many great talks with friends at the pool. Sad that the time of our days together are ending. It was such a great summer being with friends everyday. But now I get to look forward to coffee and sweets during our winter months together.

Fit these burps in for a client! Loved doing these boy ones with my new material!

A pile of tutus....oh there are more!

Parker Snack Packs

The new Little Ray's wet/dry bag!

The girl party hats....the boys still need assembled!

May be just a little KU this year!!

Supporting my Alma mater

A little something different to go with my tutus!

This shirt is missing little suede bows to go on the boots!! So, so cute!

I fit some shirts in for a very special little girls birthday!! Won't these be nice favor gifts for the girls! Wish I was going! I will post a picture of the girls in their shirts after the party!

A few KSU Ribbon idea from my mommy!

Headbands and bows.....along with a little organza clip and flower clip!

Well there it is week in a nut shell. Embroidering, sewing, not cooking much and the pool!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Party Hat & New Tag Blanket

I have decided to add these 32X32 Tag Blankets to my collection! I am sometimes amazed at how easy some of these things whip out for me. I know this is an EASY blanket!! I hadn't done them in the past because I didn't find any excitement in making them, and I thought they would take more time than they where worth. But I was wrong!!

I am one who values my time because I have little of it to do what I love. I have to pick projects that I can get done when the boys are napping and projects that I can do quickly. I won't take time away from the boys so I am careful at what projects I decide to take on! And this one was worth it! There are so many more on my list I eventually want to get due time friends!

I am going to call these Tag Blankets after the boys, well mainly Logan. He has always called his blankets Tag. Not sure why or where it came from, but it is just known in our house that if you want a blanket you ask for a Tag! Because of my boys, I found joy in making something so simple and beautiful, and what some kids will keep for a lifetime!

Another party hat completed!! I just love making these party hats.....they are all so different and look so different when completed. I would have to say this is one of my favorites.