Thursday, August 12, 2010

My week at the shop...

Well here is a taste of what is going to the Whimmydiddle. I thought I wouldn't finish what I had planned but I am a day a head of schedule....something I am very proud of. We had a little fun in between work, but it has been a long one. I look forward to hanging out with a dear friend tomorrow afternoon while I bake for another dear friends party on Saturday!

What a joy this week has been, with many blessing and many great talks with friends at the pool. Sad that the time of our days together are ending. It was such a great summer being with friends everyday. But now I get to look forward to coffee and sweets during our winter months together.

Fit these burps in for a client! Loved doing these boy ones with my new material!

A pile of tutus....oh there are more!

Parker Snack Packs

The new Little Ray's wet/dry bag!

The girl party hats....the boys still need assembled!

May be just a little KU this year!!

Supporting my Alma mater

A little something different to go with my tutus!

This shirt is missing little suede bows to go on the boots!! So, so cute!

I fit some shirts in for a very special little girls birthday!! Won't these be nice favor gifts for the girls! Wish I was going! I will post a picture of the girls in their shirts after the party!

A few KSU Ribbon idea from my mommy!

Headbands and bows.....along with a little organza clip and flower clip!

Well there it is week in a nut shell. Embroidering, sewing, not cooking much and the pool!!

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