Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A little turkey....

I rarely do any embroidering for myself....until I found this turkey.  He really had material for his wings but I thought it would be fun to add some ribbon.  Since I don't have any little girls to make this for I put it on my kitchen tea towel.  I love seeing him in my kitchen. 

My little turkey has a cold...so yes, we use Children's Mucinex for 6 year olds!  I was told by our ENT when Logan was one that this was a great med for clearing up that runny nose and helped clear his sinuses.  And for Logan that was  a big deal because any time he got a cold, an ear infection followed.  So when we started the Mucinex, at his correct dose, we never had an ear infection again.  It seems to dry him up.  So we do the same thing for our other little turkey!  He has been sick this week and boy does it make a TON of difference for him when we give him a little meds!  Thank you doc for the helpful advice, although it cut back on us visiting you and paying  your bills! ;)