Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend Fun

So my other passion besides embroidering and photography is baking!  I have done a lot of it lately.  Derrick has actually asked me to stop baking!! Mmmm.....anyone want some baked goods??  This cake was for a very special little girl who I adore!  She celebrated her first birthday with family and friends this past weekend.  Happy 1st Birthday Taizley!!

An Easter order for a very cute little girl!

Here is another giveaway item won from a business that I was featured on!  Yay!!  Love giveaways.

I hope this wonderful weather is finding you all happy and healthy!  Go outside and play friends!

1 comment:

UtahMillers said...

Great job on that cake! It's fantastic! I absolutely love the Olivia shirt. Cute!