Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Go Green!

Okay, so I wanted a snack pack that I could use over and over again! I found what I was looking for but it wasn't exactly what I wanted. So during my massage today I started thinking about how I could make it and make it how I wanted it! All I could find online were snack packs that had a flap. I wanted something that I could completely seal shut and keep air out, so my bread wouldn't get hard or my chips wouldn't end up out of the bag! So I made these this afternoon. So from 10am this morning, to this afternoon, I have created, what I think, is a great addition to the company. Something a little fun to send your kiddos lunch in, to a baseball game, or on a road trip. Plus...you won't be using those plastic baggies any more! Go GREEN my friends!

Lined for food with a Velcro top, and can be washed!

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