Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday......& all about Breckenday

We had a great weekend, went to the Salina Zoo and hung out at home. Today I got some things done and am getting ready to run while the boys are still napping! Also, included some pictures of Brecken.

I told him the pool was opening tomorrow. Luckily he decided to take it off for nap!

Second bowl of strawberries in two days! Yay!!

Picked our flowers from the front yard....time to enjoy them inside.

Little man has allergies and is allergic to some kind of bug! Had us a little scared when he woke up with a swollen eye. But luckily we have lots of nice friends in the medical field who assured us he just needed some over the counter meds.

And now on to the business.....made this cute swim suit cover up for the Tindall's. Tatum and Talia have theirs from last summer! Can't wait to see all three of them in their cute cover ups.

And my embroidering machine is out for service, but I wanted to get some things done....who has this old of a sewing machine and still uses it??? It sews great, but I miss all the perks of my newer one. However, I am so thankful my mom gave this to me when I went to is what got me into sewing. I made many, many quilts and fun things on this machine. And no, it wasn't new. This one was one my mom purchased for herself in the 70's! Fun huh!!

Some soft KSU blankets going out to Hey Baby!

Tag 15X15 and a set of burps for a very special little girl.

Burps and 3 month shirt for an adorable little girl!

Some things from the new line!

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