Friday, June 25, 2010


I have not dropped off the face of the earth, although it feels like it. I am so use to being around my computer and now with being on the combine all day I feel lost. I am also feeling so overwhelmed with orders and can't seem to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Still waiting on a part for my machine so that doesn't help my situation. Just makes me more anxious and makes me feel even more overwhelmed. I like to get things done ASAP, and not have clients wait! All I can say is I am doing the best I can. I think we will have Ms. Kaitlyn over for the day when it is finally fixed. That way the boys can enjoy a day with her, they are totally in love with her, and I can get my things done! Most times I can always get things done during nap time...they are great nappers, but this time that won't fly!! No matter how fast or organized I am, this time it is not possible!

And I might add I don't have to deep clean the house this month...Derrick just called and said that it is DONE! Love that boy! No one can deep clean my house like me, UNLESS it is him....I taught him well. Thanks babe! Now all I will need is a massage after all this sitting on a combine and all my work from sitting/standing from embroidering and sewing! Some days I wish there were two of me.

Now, I must get off the computer...up by 6:15 for an early start to the farm! But a good day because my hubby will be here!!

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