Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Adding to my great finds....

The boys have had a marble jar for a long time.  However, to fill that jar it takes time.  So today while Logan was in school, Brecken and I headed over to "Shabby to Sheek" and found these great little jars for each of the boys.  Then we ran over to Kinkos and had our prize cards laminated.  A great way to start the school year.  Once there little jars are full, they then get to dump them into a bigger jar.  And once full, they will be rewarded greatly!!

I found this chalkboard/magnet board and lets just say I was jumping with joy!  I have been wanting a calendar like this for a long, long time.  I had to order special striping to make the calendar part and I added silver glitter letters for the days!  I hope to find fun stickers and make them into magnets for each month.  I am so happy I ended up making this one on my own, because the ones I have found on etsy are going for twice what I paid for this gem!  Notice the knob holding the cork board, that is from my parents first house they built.  They had those on their kitchen cabinets!!  Thought it was kind of fun it fits into my theme in my laundry room! I have added this canning crock to my collection....not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but I have always liked them.  Just don't think they really fit well into my style of house! Notice, Derrick already snagged one for woodworking!!  I'm claiming the new one as he doesn't need two!

I can't get over how beautiful these flowers are.  My parents brought them up for me this past weekend.  They fit right in with all my Halloween decorations.  They are a purple/pink color and I add lots of purple to my Halloween decor!

Finished up a few project during nap time.  A sweet little hanging bag and a tote full of soccer bags!!

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