Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun Things going on!

This week I have worked really hard on making several adult aprons and many sets of my Lo-B burps for an event my sister-n-law Carisa will be having at the end of April. I am very excited she is letting me send my items. She has her own blog and knits beautiful hats. Check it out A Little Knitting.

On top of all that sewing I have been working on projects for many clients. I can't wait to show off the apron I am embroidering and appliqueing for a client in England, and a lady bug tutu set for a lady here in Manhattan. I will post pictures once the projects are complete.

Other than that I have really enjoyed catching up on other small orders and gearing up to make more items for my stores here in Manhattan. Although, I think I am done this week! I am ready for some relaxing during the boys nap time. I look forward to doing some scrap booking and needle point the rest of the week.

The boys and I have really enjoyed the weather. Spending about every afternoon outside with friends and in the club house! Today is cloudy and cool, and rain is on the way so we probably will stay inside and bake some cookies! I hope everyone is enjoying there day!

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