Saturday, April 10, 2010


So I use to say that my only true hobby was singing. Back in the day I did a lot of it, but with two little boys it seems I am unable to find the time to get away. As for singing takes practices and rehearsals, and time away from my boys. I do still sing to my boys every day and they seem to enjoy it. Brecken has started to sing right along with me.

On another note, I can say I have new hobbies now. Not that I have time for them all but I do fit them in once in a while. This week I was able to do a little cake decorating, and actually am proud to say I get to do a little next week as well. I truly love baking and cake decorating. Along with photography, embroidering and sewing. I have found these are my favorite hobbies and I always find a way to keep them going.

Today was the day I set up the cake I had been working on since Wednesday. Cake decorating is a process, and one I love. I am so lucky to have friends that ask me to do cakes for them. I am no professional, but they believe in me enough to let me do things like 40th Wedding Anniversary cakes. I have posted a few pictures of the cake, as well as a shirt I did for a dear friends son. It was a good day!! And I even enjoyed the afternoon and evening out with all my boys. Lots of sandbox playing! Boy are they dirty!

Oh and I had to post this of my precious little Logan. He had his first concert on Thursday night. We are so proud of him. He just loves school and his teacher! A BIG THANK YOU to Mrs. Anderson!


Carisa said...

Really beautiful. Did you make the fondant or purchase it?

The Funk's said...

I always make my fondant. I really like the shimmer of it and how easy it is to work with so I have never bought any fondant. Plus it actually taste good. But I tell most clients to peel it off since I put a nice think layer of frosting below it and that is much easier to eat.